Barbe Poisson
(1631-1711) Barbe Poisson was born about 1631 and died on January 7, 1711 in Montreal. She married Leonard Lucault on October 12, 1648 and they had a daughter Marie born on July 01, 1650. She grew up to marry Rene Cuillerier and gave birth to sixteen children. Marie died on December 22, 1727 in Montreal.

Leonard Lucault died of injuries sustained in a raid by the Iroquois, on June 20, 1651; and Barbe then married Gabriel Celles on November 19, 1652. Gabriel was born in 1626 at Nonant, Caen, Calvados, France; the son of Jean Celles and Colette Pagnot. He arrived in the colony as a judge.

Barbe made a name for herself when in 1661, her husband was out working in the fields and the Iroquois launched another attack. All those around watched the advancing Iroquois in terror, when Barbe sprang into action, grabbing an armload of guns and running with them to the men in trouble. She reportedly said, "I lost one husband to the Iroquois. I will not lose another". According to Dollier de Casson's Histoire de Montreal: "During an attack by 160 Indians in February 1661, only Le Moyne (De Loungeville) had a weapon with which to defend himself. Just as he was about to be captured he was saved by Mme. Celles Duclos, who brought him an armful of weapons."

Barbe and Gabriel had ten children before his death on November 15, 1671.

Lambert Celles- Was born on December 24, 1654 and died on June 14, 1659 in Montreal.

Marguerite Celles - Was born on July 03, 1657 in Montreal and died unknown. She married Francois-Joseph Cartier and the couple had five children.

Gabriel Lambert Celles - Was born on February 01, 1660 in Montreal and died on December 05, 1720 at Vercheres Quebec. He married Anne Messier and the couple had four children.

Barbe Celles - Was born on September 21, 1661 in Montreal and died unknown.

Claude, Jeanne and Marie-Catherine Celles- Were triplets, born on April 06, 1665 in Montreal. All died at birth.

Catherine Celles - Was born on May 02, 1666 and died unknown.

Jeanne Celles - Was born on March 11, 1669 in Montreal and died unknown.

Alexandre Celles - Was born on October 06, 1671 and died unknown.