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Russell Cave & Lemon's Mill Rds.
Lexington KY

Last Name First Name Middle Name Birth Death Comment
Richardson Isabella 11/19/179? 8/7/1833 Cholera victim?
Richardson Catherine E. 12/16/1795 6/7/1822
Richardson Edward 1776 ?
Richardson John Croley/Crolley/Crowley 3/12/1754 3/24/1834
Richardson Mary Ann Parker 8/6/1833 2nd w/o John C. Richardson
Richardson Sarah Bainbridge Hall 3/22/1753 12/23/1820 1st w/o John C. Richardson
Warren Sarah Richardson 1816 (Likely buried here))
Warren Thomas B.

Additional Comments:
John C. Richardson was born either in MD or in VA, depending upon the family
researcher source. He reportedly moved to Fayette County abt. 1782. His
parents were Wm. Richardson and Isabella Calmes. One of nine children, at
least two of his siblings also have been reported to have KY ties: 1. Sarah,
b. 1750, m. Benjamin Combs; was m/o Leslie Combs, b. Clark Co ca. 1793, and 2.
Elizabeth, b. 5/29/1747, m. Samuel Price; has Franklin Co. ties.

John C. was married twice, as noted above. His second spouse was the d/o
Elizabeth R. Parker who died 6 August 1833.

Thos. B. Warren, above was born ca. 1777 in VA; he d. 1822; his wife, Sarah
Hall Richardson, was the d/o John C. Catherine Richardson, above, never

All which remains of this family site are stone fragments and the intact stone
of Isabell Richardson which are be kept safely. The burying ground was
destroyed many years ago.

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